Wilderness camp

Looking for a place to stay while in Trofors? Our newly established wilderness camp is situated right next to the Austervefsna river at our base. The camp has a nice, shared fireplace and access to basic facilities.  It is perfect for families, groups and others that want to sleep surrounded by a beautiful forest and the sound of the river floating by.


We hvae 3 lavvos which sleeps between 6 – 8 people in each, and also a gamme with room for six people. Please note that you need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and thermarest to sleep in our lavvos.



We have plenty of spaces for pitching tents, but please contact us before you put it up so we can direct you to the best spot. You will have access to toilet and fresh water, but the camping itself is rustic.  It costs 50 kr pr. person, pr night.

Vans and RVs

We have a big parking lot for sleeping in your car, van or RV. You will have access to toilet and fresh water, but there are no other facilities. It costs 50 kr pr. night, pr. car or van. If you want to park your RV it is 100 kr. pr vehicle.


Ingen bildebeskrivelse er tilgjengelig.


June - October
Get in touch to book your spot
125 pr. prs

Lavvo 1: Sleeps 6-7 people

Lavvo 2 & 3: Sleeps 8 people

Gamme: Sleeps 6 people