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Action weekend

We kick off your adventure with a full day of rafting, with lunch included on the trip. No previous rafting experience is needed. Estimate about six-seven hours for this day full of action and fun rapids. This is the same trip as described under "Day rafting".

The package does not include food, except from warm lunch on the river of day 1. There is no kitchen available, so be prepared for making your own basic food breakfast and lunch on day 2.

On day two we get in the whitewater kayaks and start with the real deal. A full day on the water will teach you how to safely navigate your kayaks down the river, and we gurantee you will smile a lot! This is the same trip as described under "Kayak beginner". This day does not include lunch, so make sure you pack a good lunch package, including warm tea/coffee.

Accomodation & other activites

Accomodation included in the package is in heated lavos in our wilderness camp. The lavos are shared in case of a lot of bookings, but we try to arrange it so your group gets your own lavo. You need to bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

If you would like some other activites instead, such as hiking or river snorkeling, (only for small groups less than six people) this can be arranged. Simply get in touch to create your ultimate package!

Difficulty & Safety

The rivers we use have moving current and nice rapids, and is perfect for family experiences. There will be a safety briefings and a paddle technique briefings before the start of each trip. Your guides are absolute professionals with vast experience on the river.

Other information

You will get a wetsuit, neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet and a paddle for the trip.

You have to bring:

-Bikini/bathing apparel

-Woolen underlayers if cold

-Towel for changing - note that there are no showers available at the base.

- Sleeping bag/thermarest etc.

- Let the staff know as soon as possible if you have health problems such as, but not limited to, heart conditions, diabetes, back injuries or shoulder injuries.

Price & time

NOK 3000/ person

Upon request - also week days

Booking information

Get in touch to book this acticity package.

Age limit

16 years

Not included

Food except from lunch day 1

RiverNorth AS

Grane Bygdetun


8680 Trofors