ESKIMO ROLL COURSE Get your roll together!


Do you want to figure out what this rolling is all about? Or do you struggle to get a proper roll, despite lots of attempts? Then this is something for you! We will spend about 2 hours working on the eskimo roll - and remember - there is no perfect eskimo roll - we simply have to find YOUR way of doing it.

Difficulty & Safety

This course is suited for both beginners and more advanced kayakers. It is focused only on the eskimo roll, and will be held on absolute flatwater or in a lake.

Other information

You can rent the gear from us, including the kayak, or bring your own gear. 

Participation is at ones own risk, and you have to sign a liability form before the trip starts. Everybody needs to hold a valid travel insurance to participate.

Price & time

  • NOK 400 / person
  • 2 hours

Rent Kayak and gear

  • NOK 100 / person and course


  • Upon request