Shuttles | FUTALEUFU

From where to where

Our basecamp is situated half way down the Futaleufu river, and allows for a lot of paddling. We normally simply put on the river at home, and paddle the 15 kilometers down to Casa de piedra, or stop at the Puente Futaleufu (take-out of bridge-to-bridge) if we want a shorter day. Another classic is to drive to town, put on and paddle all the way to home. If it rains we switch it up by going up to rio Azul and paddle to home, a great class three fun section with lots of water. For a different day we can also drive up to the top of the White Mile (just below Throne room) and run down past our house to our neighbor. We like to think we have it just perfect!

To set up shuttles before your arrival, simply get in touch.


  • Pick-up at puente Futaleufu: 25 000 CLP
  • Pick-up at Casa de piedra: 30 000 CLP
  • Drop-off “White mile”: 10 000 CLP
  • Drop-off “Azul”: 15 000 CLP
  • Drop-off town of Futaleufu: 30 000 CLP
  • Pr. hour waiting: 10 000 CLP


December 15th - February 2022
As many days as you want