Our second home is based on what we believe is the greatest river on Earth, namely the Futaleufu in northern Patagonia. We have been living by this river for almost two decades, sometimes simply enjoying a holiday, and other times working as guides and instructors. Our neighbors are our friends, and they help us with running our trips – we believe in providing back to the local community as much as we can. They will cook, run shuttles, provide horse-back riding trips and make the asados – the famous Chilean barbeque.


Come on our 8-day all inclusive trip, or simply rent our little cabin for your vacation time. (Suitable for 1-2 people). You can run your own show and only chose to camp down by the river and enjoy the vicinity of our beach, encircled by big trees, or you can rent shuttles, kayaks and camping from us.


Not matter what, the Soria Moria base camp is an amazing place to experience the grandness of the Fu. Bienvenidos.






Our 8-day trip is one of a kind, and will make sure you never want to leave this paradise.  We make sure you don’t have to worry about anything except your own paddle strokes from the time we pick you up and until you leave. We provide it all, from airport pick-ups to fantastic meals, from showing the lines and best surf-spots to breathtaking views hiking or horse-back riding.  We will make sure you experience the “Futa-life” in all its glory. Simple as that.

The river has sections ranging from class II-V, and all the major rapids have either sneak lines, meat lines, or portage trails around them. We have the experience to make sure you enjoy the river the most – and our passion for the valley and the rapids will make sure you get excited – every day!  Our guides will help you with friendly tips about your paddling skills if you want – or simply guide you down whatever line you feel comfortable every given day.



Our base camp, Soria Moria, is situated in a remote sector of the river. We built the main house before we had road access, and with no power tools. A lot of sweat, tears and laughter has gone into this place and provides endless good stories and a very special atmoshphere. The best part about base camp is the views – and the tranquility. We see no lights from other houses at night, only the mighty Milky Way and a forever burning camp fire. We share meals together in the main house, and it is our common space to relax, read a book, sip a cup of coffee or a glass of red. The guest  sleeping quarters are placed on the lower half of the property, in a natural forest in close vicinity to the river. You need to bring your own tent, a thermarest and a sleeping bag. Some of the sleeping spots have a platform with a roof over, others use the natural protection of big trees to create the most beautiful of sites to pitch tents. We have an incredible outside hot shower under a roof,  with views of forest and waterfall, and even a small bar for some social drinks.

We do have electricity, and there is 4G internet in the valley, and you can buy a sim card in town – though we strongly recommend detaching yourself from the modern world while staying with us – it is paradise after all.





  • This is included in the trip

    • All meals, including a traditional asado (whole roast lamb over the fire)
    • Guiding on the river every day
    • Transportation to and from the river
    • Pick-up/drop off in Chaiten, Palena and at the border from Esquel
    • Horseback riding
    • Hiking
    • Accomodation in comfortable tents on tent platforms with roof
    • A kayak and paddle of choice from our fleet




Cabin rental | FUTALEUFU

If you have your own set-up to get on the river, but are looking for a gorgeous place to stay, then this is your place! We have one private cabin with an incredible view over the river and the mountains. It is equiped with a tiny kitchen, table and benches as well as a double bed. The outside space is perfect for a yoga session, or for simply sitting down to enjoy the tranquility with a good book. You get access to a hot shower as well as our amazing outside fireplace. The pizza oven is yours to use, too!




For kayakers that want to camp in a safe spot with clean facilites and really easy access to the prime whitewater sections, this is the place to pitch your tent! There is a designated area for camping, either down by the river or in the forest within the property fences. This is a safe and beautiful place to camp, with fresh water, a big drift-wood table and benches for cooking. It also has a separate long-drop toilet to be used only by the camping guests.


Our shared outside shower with warm water!


Shuttles | FUTALEUFU

If you are travelling without a car and want to stay with us, then we can help you out with shuttles for a reasonable shuttle fee.  Get in touch with us for more info and prices for shuttles to the different sections of the river.


The main cabin we use as a hang-out space for our 8-day trips. Otherwise it is our own private cabin, but we all share the outside areas.





December 15th - February 2022
As many days as you want
See below

8 – day trip:

  • 6th – 13th of January 2021
  • 1550 USD. If more than one book together we give a discount.
  • We need at least two paying customers to run a trip. If you are only one person, please get in touch to organize your trip.

Rental cabin:

  • 45 USD /day. For longer periods we do discounts. The cabin can also be rented on airbnb: Airbnb


  • 6 USD/day. For longer periods we do discounts.

Kayak rental w/ paddle:

  • 25 USD /day.
  • For longer periods we give discounts.